Meet Kimberly Nee

Hi everyone! My name is Kimberly Nee and I’m from New York City. This summer, I am working as a Marketing and Research Intern at Saratoga Chocolate Company. I attend Skidmore College as a Business and International Affairs double major. Before Skidmore, I graduated from an art and performing arts school so I have a background (and a deep passion) in visual arts. My interest in marketing began in my freshman year when I took a seminar class about gender, race, and political marketing. I love how versatile marketing is because it allows me to combine all of my interests into one industry.

At Skidmore, I am a part of the Student Government, Pass the Mic, and I do research in the Business Department. I also really love cooking (and chocolate), so I love trying out new recipes in my free time. Coming from the bustling city, I have really come to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds me at Saratoga. Sitting in Congress Park has been one of my pockets of peace that I am excited to share in some future posts.

Saratoga Springs is my home away from home and I am so excited to be working for one of its small businesses this summer! After graduation, I hope to continue to work to support women owned and women of color owned small businesses. It is important to me that I continue to support the communities that uplifted me and allowed me to attend a college like Skidmore and do meaningful internships like this one.