About our Gift Cards

We are currently only offering electronic Gift Cards. We will be offering physical cards in our shop and at the farmers’ markets very soon!

e-Gift Cards
Having trouble redeeming your e-gift card?

e-Gift Card
Our electronic Gift Cards are ONLY redeemable here, in our online shop. You can not purchase an e-Gift Card using balance from previously redeemed e-Gift Cards.

Once an e-Gift Card code is generated, anyone with access to its code can:
• Use the code to pay for orders by entering the code directly in your shopping cart
• Redeem the e-Gift Card by adding it to their account for later use

To check your e-Gift Card balance or to redeem any remaining balance, we recommend creating a customer account. The process of adding an e-Gift Card to an account allows a customer to secure an e-Gift Card code, effectively preventing other customers from using it.

Adding an e-Gift Card to an account allows you to make purchases without having to remember or enter codes at checkout, provided you are logged in.

From your account page, you can view your:
• e-Gift Card balance
• History of e-Gift Card transactions

Create an Account
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Using your e-Gift Card:
Shipping charges are applied to your gift card balance when making a purchase.

Once you ‘Proceed to PayPal’ from the checkout page, your e-Gift Card is redeemed and the balance that’s used can not be recovered. If you have a remaining balance, we recommend registering your e-Gift Card by creating an account. The remaining balance can only be redeemed by logging in to your account and making a purchase.

Purchase an e-Gift Card:
$25 | $50 | $75 | $100

Having trouble redeeming your e-gift card?
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