May We Thank You

Hello Dear Friends,

What a six weeks it has been since the world came to a halt from the Covid-19 pandemic. I sincerely hope this email finds you all well and safe at home. In this time I’ve found it incredibly difficult to communicate as I’ve been at such a loss for words to describe our experience. It seems out of touch to comment on any hardship we have felt, or conversely to push sales campaigns, when we know that each of you also has their own tale to tell and battle to fight.

The only thing I can say is – thank God for chocolate! Without it, I’m not sure I would have made it this far! So, by way of a quick update we are doing OK. We are beyond grateful for each and every purchase that you have made – it has kept us solvent in these incredibly uncertain times!

Sadly however, at this time our plans for our retail store in downtown Saratoga are on hold. We remain hopeful that this hold will prove temporary and our plans to expand our operation will resume once things settle down. Until then we will continue shipping chocolate like never before!

Love and Chocolate, Alli & Hank