Valentines Bar Trio


Three 4 oz. Bars

Nibble, Passion and Violet bars

Impress that special someone with this delicious trio of dark and milk chocolate infused with organic cacao nibs, passion fruit and sugared violets.
Bars come tied in a festive ribbon.


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60% Organic Dark Chocolate with Organic Cacao Nibs
Organic 60% dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), organic cacao nibs.
Cacao sourced via direct trade.


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Milk Chocolate with Passion Fruit
Milk chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, milk solids, vanilla, soy lecithin), passion fruit (passion fruit, silican dioxide).


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60% Organic Dark Chocolate with Sugared Violets
Organic 60% dark chocolate (organic cacao mass, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, sunflower lecithin), sugared violet petals (violet petals, sugar, gum arabic, certified food coloring (c1 45430, c1 73015).

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We handwrap each bar in an artfully designed white butcher paper package worthy of the product inside. The result is a high-quality line of truly handmade, craft chocolate bars unlike any other on the market today.

Made in a facility that also manufactures products with peanuts and/or tree nuts.