Velvet Bar

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4 oz. Bar

Creamy, dark and oh so delicious! This solid dark chocolate bar lives up to its name and melts immediately on the tongue with distinct notes of red berries and dark cocoa. 58% multi origin chocolate. A high cocoa butter content gives it an exceptionally velvety melt.

2 reviews for Velvet Bar

  1. Stephanie Siford

    I love me some dark chocolate. I tried the 70, the Fleur de Sel and the Velvet, which I purchased at Oscar’s Smokehouse. I enjoyed them all, but this Velvet is my new absolute favorite. I have traveled all over the world many times and have tried lots of chocolates. The Velvet rates in my top 5 without question. Would like to order a pallet of them 🙂

  2. Barbara Weinstein

    I first encountered Saratoga Chocolate Company products in Lake Placid and purchased a couple of items including the Velvet bar. I eat a lot of dark chocolate, and this one is at the top of my list. As I recall it does not have a super high cacao percentage so it tastes a little sweeter than a lot of other dark chocolate bars. Since I live outside of Boston I am not near any store which sells this brand so I ordered several bars as Christmas gifts. One of the bars was missing from the order, and Allison Rose, the owner, was super nice and quick about remedying the situation. Unfortunately, since I gave all but another Velvet bar away as gifts, I did not taste the other varieties. I plan to be in the vicinity of shops selling this brand in the upcoming months and look forward to my next purchase.

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58% Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, vanilla, soy lecithin)
Dairy and Gluten Free
Vegan (made with beet sugar)

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Made in a facility that also manufactures products with peanuts and/or tree nuts and sesame.