Special Edition

For Mother’s Day 2021, we are delighted to present a very special, limited edition of our Mother’s Day Bar Trio featuring the artwork of Elizabeth Burdick. Ms. Burdick is a third year illustration major from Saratoga Springs and was inspired by our chocolate to create these custom bar wrappers for a us.

Elizabeth was kind enough to share with us a little bit about her and this project.

I am a college student attending Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland, Maine. It is a small art collage in the heart of this vibrant port city. I am a Junior in the Illustration department and I will graduate in 2022. When I am not studying in Portland, my main residence is in Saratoga Springs where I have lived for almost a decade. I went to Saratoga Springs High School where I graduated in 2018 and where my love of art turned into a career goal. My main areas of interests include editorial illustration, pattern design, and children’s book development.

This project was an assignment where students had to create a surface design. My classmates and I had to pick a product and design a pattern that would be either on the packaging or on the product itself. I had just received a care package from home that included some Saratoga Chocolate Co. chocolate bars. I have always loved this local treat and it was my favorite thing to receive from home so I decided to create a design for one of the bars. I went on the website to choose which bar to design when I found the themed trio sets and was inspired to create a design for each flavor. I love incorporating nature, specifically florals in my work and my mother is also a fan of the chocolates so the Mother’s Day Collection really spoke to me in very meaningful ways.

You can see more of Elizabeth’s incredible work on Instagram @lize_arts20

Happy Mother’s Day!